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Heat Blast As Featured On

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Thermo-Heating Technology At Work

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    Filtration System

    The science behind the filtration system starts at the intake vent allowing air to be taken into the machine by fans and forced through the state-of-the-art heating system. Filters only need to be changed every six months running at full capacity and can be changed by simply opening the vent and removing the filter with two fingers.

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    Heating Technology

    This device uses one of a kind heating technology to produce a steady flow of dey, warm air.

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    Dry Air

    Cold, moist air is the #1 cause of illness in during the winter. Heat Blast works instantly to eleminate airborne pethogens by ultra heating the air and instantly taking the moisture out.

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    Build to Move

    Heat Blast was designed to be mobile. Whether you are in a room and looking to get a good night sleep or outside enjoying the sun, the device weighs about two pounds when fully set up and operating with its water resevior.


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Customers Have Been Saying


Victoria A.

image Perfect at the office

I brought this into my office with is about a 10x10 room and it worked perfectly! It maintained the temparature and never got too hot.


Jacob A.

image Best sleep

I can not afford to run the central heat in my house at all times so I got one fo these for each of the bedrooms and the kids loved them! Makes my life so much easier.


Jenny K.

image Beyond thrilled

Usually devices like this cost a ton of money but the prie point is the best bang for your buck. No big electicity bill either!

image College life hack

I live in the dorms at college and needless to say it can get pretty hot in close living proximity. This was the easiest and most simple solution for a great price. Best purchase of college so far.


Tiffany N